LoRa Module
Model No.: LR0002
LoRa® Module is capable of long range communication; and support radio regulations including ESTI EN 300220, FCC CFR47 Part15, China regulatory requirements and Japan ARIB T-108. The ideal module for long range wireless and low power application.


  • MCU: Renesa 16 Bit CISC ultra-low power
  • Memory: 128K Program flash, 16K RAM, 8K Data flash.
  • RF Semtech SX1262/ SX1261 SOC. (from 150MHz to 960MHz.)
  • Interface: UART, IIC, SPI and GPIO.
  • TX up to +22dBm (SX1262), +15dBm(SX1261).
  • RX sensitivity down to -120 dBm.
  • Antenna: IPEX I interface
  • Dimension: 15.24x36x3mm